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The Films

Thanks to Google I've been able to upload different short films I've worked on and I'd like to share them with... whoever you are that's reading this. The films are listed in order of creation.

The Movie Part II: In Search of the Big One.
This film I made back in 1994 as part of my course at the New York Film Academy. Previous to this I made a music video and a PSA, both of which turned out pretty good but are, at the moment, only on 16mm. In Search of the Big One was my final project. It went through a lot of script revisions since initially I wanted to make one of those serious, deeply moving short films that all film students want to make, before I realized that I am not a serious, deeply moving person, I'm more of a strange person with a weird sense of humor. The title of the movie refers to a) a short I made back in High School that we called The Movie (which I am still attempting to digitize from VHS) and b) a reference to something in college that only a handful of people understand. I do love in jokes. Anyway, as I said, it was made back in 1994, shot in black & white and was rather warmly received at its screening, if only because the 8 films that preceded it were serious, deeply moving films that no one understood.

Hyde & Sikh
This film was made for the 2004 64 Hour Film Shootout, in association with the Asian-American International Film Festival. Basically at 8pm on a Friday night, every team gets the same topic and you have 64 hours to write, produce, shoot and edit a film that has to clock in at under 6.4 minutes. It was the first time I had ever entered a contest such as this, but it was pretty fun. The topic given was "Hide and Seek" but it was spoken, never written, so as you can tell from the title of our film, we sort of went in a different direction. However, it ended up working rather well since we took second place in the competition. Everyone was impressed that we managed to tell a complete and funny story in under seven minutes.

Modern Day Outlaw
This film was part of Midnight Movie Madness in 2004. This is a series of events culminating in final round where you have to write, shoot and edit a short film in 24 hours. We were in the preliminary round where we had two weeks to make this film. The topic we were given was "Western: Modern Day Outlaw Gets Chased." Needless to say, it took us a little while to come up with a reasonable story and again, we went in a slightly different direction than you might expect. We didn't qualify for the next round, but our film did get screened at a special screening in New York City and received warm applause. And hell, I think it's pretty good, considering we shot the entire thing in about four hours.

Countergirl Version 1
Countergirl Version 2
This was my baby from the start. I wanted to prove to myself that I could take a project from start to finish and end up with something reasonable. The screenplay was adapted from a short play I wrote a year earlier that had been performed on stage here in New York as part of a play series called 7-11 Franchised. The play got some good reviews and I thought it lent itself to a short film. I went out, got an investor, rented the equipment, paid the actors and crew, got the location, wrote and directed the project. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Version 2 is how I initially imagined the film to look. But once we cut the film, I realized it was kind of long and boring. So we went back and recut it and Version 1 is the final, official release. That was the version I sent out to film festivals and was graciously accepted by the OC Film and Music Festival. That one acceptance made this entire process worthwhile. I decided to upload Version 2 in case anyone wanted to see what my original vision was. It's not 100% complete; there are some music and sound issues, but for the most part, it's all there.

Twins: The Sam & Chris Story
This was part of the 72 Hour Film Shootout in 2005 in association with MTV and the Asian-American International Film Festival. After our success the previous year, hopes were high for us this time around. We were even chosen by a documentary team to be followed around, detailing our process. This time around we were given 8 more hours, but an even stranger topic; "A.K.A." We were up until 2am trying to come up with a story before, while sitting at a McDonalds, I shouted out "OK, you guys are both blind and you think you're twins!" Why was that funny? Because I was looking at an Indian and a white friend of mine. At 2am, that was pretty hysterical. So we ended up making a movie that could be a little offensive, but was all in good fun. We didn't end up making the top ten, but I still think we made a pretty funny movie.

Anyway if you like/don't like what you see, drop me a line and let me know.

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