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Robert Downey Jr.
as Sherlock Holmes

Jude Law
as Dr. John Watson

Rachel McAdams
as Irene Adler

Mark Strong
as Lord Blackwood

Eddie Marsan
as Inspector Lestrade

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Written by Michael Robert Johnson
and Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Running Time: 2:08

Rated PG-13
for intense sequences of violence and action,
some startling images and
a scene of suggestive material.



Sherlock Holmes took a little too long to get going but once it did it was fun and entertaining.


Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson are hot on the trail of a serial killer and as the movie opens, they capture Lord Blackwood just as he is about to murder his latest victim. But instead of being furious at being caught, Blackwood seems to enjoy it, telling Holmes it's all part of a bigger plot. Holmes doesn't believe him, but after Blackwood seemingly comes back from the dead after being executed, Holmes and Watson uncover an even more insidious plan to takeover the world. Can the dynamic duo figure out the clues which will lead them to the real evil? The game's afoot!


I can't say I was the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan before seeing this movie. Sure, I had read a couple of the short stories when I was a kid and visited 221B Baker Street in London a few years ago, but I liked the idea of Holmes more than the actual stories. But when I first read about a new movie coming out with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson, I was immediately intruiged. It seemed like perfect casting, even if I wasn't a huge fan of director Guy Ritchie. Ritchie to me wasn't the best choice to bring this iconic figure into the 21st century and I still feel that way. But I was right about Downey and Law. They work so well together you almost start to believe that they've been best friends for years. I will say however there was one troubling thing I noticed early on in the film that stayed with me for the rest of the screening... Their relationship to each other, and in fact a lot of their personality traits, reminded me a lot of House and Wilson from the TV show House. Holmes and Watson. House and Wilson... House and Holmes are both eccentrics who know more than anyone else around them and love to show off. And when Watson/Wilson think about leaving or get into a relationship, Holmes/House do everything they can to make sure nothing ruins the duo. I can't be the only one who sees the parallels. Anyway, after I realized that, it was all I could do to not think of Hugh Laurie. I think he'd have made a fine Holmes too.

Visually I found the movie pretty amazing. While at times I kept thinking I was in the middle of Hogsmeade, it felt very authentic. And the other thing I really enjoyed about the movie, surprisingly, was the music. I have to go out and (legally) download the soundtrack. It was very fitting to the tone of the movie. The story was OK but took too long to get going. For the first hour to 75 minutes we're tiptoeing around the real story and just hanging out on the fringe, not knowing where the movie was headed. But once the pieces started to fall into place and we learned more information, the movie really took off. I liked the way in a couple of instances we'd see and hear Holmes' thought process as he plotted his next move (mainly in fight sequences) and I enjoyed the way he figured things out. At the end you realize that you've seen everything you need to see to figure out the plot, but you're not given all the info you need. I suppose that's expected in this kind of movie. If everyone knew the ending why would you go see it? My biggest problem however with the entire movie was following the accents. 5 of us went to see the movie together and 3 of us were having a hard time what people were saying. Usually with accents it might take a little time to fully understand it, but here it sounded like everyone had a slightly different accent so it was hard to keep up. Between Holmes, Watson, Blackwood, the Inspector and Rachel McAdams' Irene, along with all the secondary characters, everyone sounded different so there were a few times where I simply missed a punchline or a piece of information because I didn't understand what they were saying. I look forward to the DVD so I can put on the closed captioning.


So overall, I liked Sherlock Holmes. The cast was great, and the music and scenery were fantastic. The story was so-so and took too long to get going and at times the accents were hard to follow. Still, worth seeing.

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